At Tentotechniki Achaias – Makrypodis we manufacture classic awnings, with the best possible aesthetic effect, in full accordance with our competitive prices. Our 40 years of experience in the field of shading guarantees solutions to every need of your space. In detail, our classic awnings are the following:


They are the most classic and traditional structures of all types of awnings. They combine economy with stability and high resistance to adverse weather conditions and time. With electrostatically reinforced aluminum struts, usually painted in white or a color of your choice, they are the simplest and safest option to beautify and protect your space.

Vertical Awnings (Rido)

Perhaps one of the most necessary types of awning in our times that can withstand the highest wind pressures, heavy rain, but also continuous sunshine. These are the following options of Vertical awnings:

Each of the following awning categories, offer options and solutions for all spaces and requirements.

  • Vertical awnings with perforated fabric
  • Vertical awnings with awning fabric
  • Vertical awnings with transparent gelatin
  • Vertical awnings with side guide rails
  • Vertical awnings without side guide rails
  • Vertical awnings with arms

Visit our store or make an appointment with us,so that we can make you the best and most advantageous offer.