At Tentotechniki Achaias – Makrypodis in Patras we manufacture awnings with arms, which are the most popular, practical, easy to handle, with perfect coverage for even the most demanding shading needs.

They are easily adjustable and can be operated manually or with the aid of an electric mechanism. Awnings with arms include:

  • Awnings with arms on balconies
  • Awnings with arms on patios and terraces
  • Awnings with arms in gardens, and finally
  • Awnings with arms in shops and commercial spaces.

We have the experience and expertise for special structures, perfectly adapted to the needs of your space and up to 6 meters.

The combination of the elegant design of the aluminum profiles that frame and “embrace” the awning with the dynamics of the arms, are the ingredients for an easy-to-use cassetine awning system suitable to be mounted on a marquee or a wall.

The optimization of the cassetine awning is achieved by the use of an electric mechanism and the selection of an acrylic awning fabric.

Visit our store or make an appointment with us,so that we can make you the best and most advantageous offer.