At Tentotechniki Achaias – Makrypodis, in Patras, your will find awnings that can meet all the needs of your space, with an aesthetically perfect effect, top-quality materials, in accordance with the strictest energy-saving standards, and always at affordable prices.

Our wide range of products is a guarantee for a perfect result, perfectly tailored to your aesthetics.

We cooperate with a large network of partners and suppliers, so that we can offer you direct and fast solutions to all types of shading issues.

Our 40 years of experience in the field of shading, our highly specialized staff and our ultramodern equipment, guarantee the best possible services for you.

Τέντες με Αντηρίδες

Τέντες με Βραχίονες


Κάθετες Τέντες (Ριντό)


Πέργκολες (πλεκτές – ανοιγοκλεινόμενες – ανοιγοκλεινόμενες οροφής)


Καποτίνες – Κούρμπες

Ειδικές Κατασκευές

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